‘An interesting development. Primary ticketing which takes over secondary ticketing. Right about when the Dutch government wants to protect consumers by introducing regulations to prevent resale with excessive prices.

Is it necessary for the government to introduce rules for the original prices as well? Or can organizers find a solutions for these problems themselves?

There is no doubt that this excessive resale of tickets or ticket scalping is a major problem. As a consumer you often pay way too much or you can’t even afford to buy a ticket. There is also a huge risk that your ticket is invalid, if you bought it at the wrong platform.

But this is also a problem for organizers.

They are being at risk and do not benefit from value created in the secondary market. Moreover, as an artist you want to perform for your biggest fans, not for people with the most money.

The government is able to stop the reselling of tickets for festivals or sportevents by a legal prohibition. However, before you know it this means a lot of paper work and bureaucracy, because preventing this is very difficult. Therefore, it makes more sense that organizers keep control over the access rights to their events. Siip believes this is more appropriate.

The solution is identity based access. When you know who owns the ticket, it is easier to set the rules for transferring and reselling the tickets. This offers opportunities for increasing secondary sales, and for primary sales as well.

With Siip Identity Based Access you always know who owns the ticket and has the right to access.

This increases safety for consumers and increases engagement and interaction between organizations, artists & fans. And this is what it’s all about: a great and honest event, festival or concert with engaged visitors and personal attention!’

Jan Brink is one of the founders of Siip Group. With a proven track record in government and politics, he makes sure that the solutions of Siip fit with what society needs.

Siip facilitates a verified self-sovereign digital identity that acts as a personal key to unlock unlimited potential in entertainment, sports, hospitality, social media, physical access, and e-commerce. Simple, fast and convenient identity and authentication solutions that foster customer and fan engagement.