How it works

With Siip, your (digital) identity is your login to websites, game and social media platforms. The visitors only need to share their necessary data with you. In that way they keep control. Registering with Siip is simple, fast and secure, based on your own identity.

No more hassle filling in all your details and different usernames and passwords, but having maximum security and easy login or registration.

Siip helps you with

An even faster and more secure login procedure;

Knowing that all your visitors are real people;

More visitors returning to your website;

Easier compliance with laws & regulations such as the GDPR.

Easy and fast to integrate

The Siip software can be implemented easily and quickly for various applications and is easy to integrate into your own software, in your app or on your website.

De Siip solution
is available to anyone with a smartphone and a valid ID. Only the user has the key to the data.

What Siip stands for

Our society is rapidly becoming more and more digital. This provides great opportunities, but also means there are security and privacy risks for organizations and individuals.


Siip believes that there can be a digital society in which everyone is in control of his or her personal data.

Personal & digital

Siip helps football clubs, organizers, companies and individuals with software for fast, personal and digital access.

Fair & safe

And this in an honest, safe way, of course. With convenience and certainty. Fully GDPR compliant; privacy by design & privacy by default.

Looking for more information?

Siip is happy to help you optimize your registration and login procedure.