Siip provides integrated customized solutions for several branches

How can Siip help your organization? Siip facilitates a verified self-sovereign digital identity that acts as a personal key to unlock unlimited potential in entertainment, sports, hospitality, social media, physical access, and e-commerce. Simple, fast and convenient identity and authentication solutions that foster customer and fan engagement. For example:

This is Siip

Selfsovereign Integrated Identity Provider (Siip)

Siip facilitates a personal key in the digital and physical world with a smartphone app. Siip helps to register, book and enter somewhere faster, at the moment a visitor has to show who he or she is. For example in the fan app of a football club. This is what we call ‘Identity Based Access’.

What Siip stands for

Our society is rapidly becoming more and more digital. This provides great opportunities, but also means security and privacy risks for organizations and individuals.


Siip believes that there can be a digital society in which everyone is in control of his or her personal data.

Personal & digital

Siip helps football clubs, organizers, companies and individuals with software for fast, personal and digital access.

Fair & Safe

And this in an honest, safe way, of course. With convenience and certainty. Fully GDPR compliant; privacy by design & privacy by default.

Looking for more information?

Siip is an innovative software company in identity & access management. Do you want to get in touch with Siip for your football club, organization, company or event?