Identity based access to the stadium

Unlimited potential to foster fan engagement.

Personal access; identity based, community building because you can communicate with all your visitors and therefore increasing safety at your stadium.

All of this is possible with Siip in the fan app of your football club. Integrates easily in every existing Fan App. Or in a developed fan app for your club by Siip.

Siip helps your football club with

Safe, personal & fast digital access tot the stadium;

Knowing all your visitors;

Connect with all your visitors, before, during & after matchday;

Engaged fans to the club and its football players.

How it works

The visitor of the stadium identifies once to create a personal season ticket or match ticket, based on his or her identity. By registering easily once with a valid identity document.


With this app the club increases further improvement of access to the stadium, because fans always have their tickets digitally. And this offers opportunities in informing all fans with relevant updates.

Also for your stadium


The ‘you-are-you’-access right in an app for your fans

And this personal access right is easily & digitally transferable.

Digital access, personal placement

Access without a transferable username and password. Faster visitor flow at the gates.

Knowing all your visitors, GDPR-compliant.

Transparant. And safe for fans, players and employees. Also practical & fun to communicate with all your visitors.

This is what personal digital access looks like with Siip

Through a fan app smooth and fast access to the stadium.
Personal, safe & digital.


  • Identity based access met Siip

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