Fast, smooth & safe

The Toon Leeftijd App (translated the Show Age App) offers a fast, smooth and secure way to view the age of guests. This saves a lot of time for employees.

It’s also an easy and quick way for guests to show that they are old enough. Simply with their smartphone.

No more calculating an age based on a date of birth from an ID-card, but being able to quickly let someone in or give them a beer.

Download the Toon Leeftijd-App

Proving you’re old enough in a simple, fast & safe way.
And only show data that is really necessary.

Tip: go through the first steps in the app without a phone case.

Toon Leeftijd helps with

It’s more accessible to ask or show an age;

A faster flow at the door or at the bar;

Easily view or show only relevant data;

Take control of whether your visitors are old enough.

Easy & fast to use

Guests download the Toon Age App and identify themselves once. This is fast and intuitive. Then they just have to show the app at the door or at the bar.

The app only shows the guest’s details that are relevant: a photo and the age category. Such as 18+, based on the ID-card.

The app can be used by anyone with a smartphone and a valid ID.

How to use Toon Leeftijd

Show via your phone that you are old enough​
Use this app to easily show that you are 12, 16, 18, 21 or 23 years old or older. Easily and fast when requested. For example, when you go to a movie, want to go to the pub or buy a drink with alcohol.

Simple, fast and secure personal access​
Scan your ID-card once & quickly, such as your passport, ID- card or driver’s license and afterwards only show the app at the door or at the bar to show that you are old enough.

All data remains on your phone
Also with this ‘trusted by Siip’ app, you only show your data that is really necessary. This way you remain in control of your personal data.

What Siip stands for

Our society is rapidly becoming more and more digital. This provides great opportunities, but also means there are security and privacy risks for organizations and individuals.


Siip believes that there can be a digital society in which everyone is in control of his or her personal data.

Personal & digital

Siip helps football clubs, organizers, companies and individuals with software for fast, personal and digital access.

Fair & safe

And this in an honest, safe way, of course. With convenience and certainty. Fully GDPR compliant; privacy by design & privacy by default.

Interested in Toon Leeftijd?

Or do you have any questions? Siip will be happy to help your catering company, association canteen or shop!