How it works

With Siip your (digital) identity is your ticket to stadiums, concerts, events and festivals. A visitor’s access is linked to a personal ticket via an app, based on his or her real identity. So this is personal ticketing 2.0.

This way, as an organizer and venue you’ll know who is present at you event. The visitors only have to share necessary data with you.In this way they keep control.

Transferring a ticket? That is also possible.
Registering with Siip is simple and fast.

Siip helps you with:

Simple, secure and fully digital access for your visitors;

Community building, because you know who all your visitors are;

Value of ticket resale remains with the organizer;

Easier compliant to the Night Register and the AVG/GDPR. .

Easy and fast to integrate

The Siip software can be implemented easily and quickly for various applications and is easy to integrate into your own software, in your app or on your website.

The solutions i
s available to anyone with a smartphone and a valid ID. Only the user has the key to all data.

Siip has been nominated with this ‘Closed Loop Ticketing-solution’ for the category ‘Product Innovation Award’.

Also in stores:
Toon Leeftijd-App

Toon Leeftijd offers a fast, smooth and secure way to see the age of your guests from their phone.

This is a no hassle step & saves a huge amount of time at the door or at the bar. So it’s easy and fast.

Guests can prove they are old enough with an app on their smartphone. And they only have to show those data that are really necessary.

For example, useful if you go to a movie for older than 16 years, want to go to a bar or buy a drink with alcohol.

What Siip stands for

Our society is rapidly becoming more and more digital. This provides great opportunities, but also means there are security and privacy risks for organizations and individuals.


Siip believes that there can be a digital society in which everyone is in control of his or her personal data.

Personal & digital

Siip helps football clubs, organizers, companies and individuals with software for fast, personal and digital access.

Fair & safe

And this in an honest, safe way, of course. With convenience and certainty. Fully GDPR compliant; privacy by design & privacy by default.

Read this interview with Remco Voorhorst of Siip in the Ticketing Special of EB Live in October 2022.

‘How can a consumer purchase a ticket with maximum control over his or her data? Including maximum control and value to the organizer? ‘

‘Personal access, through a closed loop, unlocks great opportunities!’

Looking for more information?

With this patented solution, Siip prevents fraud and reduces reselling tickets at exorbitant prices. Which is a major problem in the event industry.