In this way we not only collect experiences from the field and ideas from the drawing board, but also how things really go for our colleagues as visitors. What does that customer journey look like? Because suddenly they are even more aware of where they buy their ticket, from whom and whether it is a real ticket or not. How much information they have to disclose about themselves. And how they finally access the event. Or rather: how personal, easy and digital that will be.

Our colleagues at Siip are committed to this every day

To help organizers and ticketers with secure, digital and personal access to their event. So that they can sell their tickets to real visitors for a fair price. With control over sales: how much can someone purchase from you? But also about resale: at what price and via which platform?

Concerts that sell out quickly, secondary sales with sky-high (extortionate) prices and not really knowing at the entrance if your ticket is valid. There is attention for this through various media. There have even been requests to come up with legislation and regulations. Siip offers a solution for the problem of unfair sales. In fact, our technology protects consumers during resale and illegal buyers don’t stand a chance.

Therefore, we were proud to have an article in the Ticketing Special of EB Live at the end of last year, in which this problem was also brought to the attention and Siip was allowed to pitch her solution.

Via control: honesty & transparency

So it’s great that attention is being paid to this. As far as Siip is concerned, ‘control’ is the code word when it comes to honesty and transparency. As a visitor you have control over your own data & pay a fair price for your ticket and as an organizer and ticketer you have control over your sales, in a fair way. Do you want to transfer your ticket to another visitor? Then that should also be possible.

In this way we help organizers and ticketers to prevent fraud and resale with exorbitant prices.

So on to a great festival year in 2023! With great possibilities. Will we see you soon?

This is why you should contact Remco

Remco Voorhorst is CEO of Siip Group. Together with 2 other founders, Remco has established Siip in 2021. With a proven track record in football, ticketing & hospitality organizations, he knows the challenges experienced in these branches. Siip facilitates a verified self-sovereign digital identity that acts as a personal key to unlock unlimited potential in entertainment, sports, hospitality, social media, physical access, and e-commerce. Simple, fast and convenient identity and authentication solutions that foster customer and fan engagement.

February 2023