These principles are incorporated in our Toon Leeftijd-App. Why should you show your whole ID-card, when it’s only relevant to show how old you are?

Remco Voorhorst, founder & CEO of Siip: ‘When we look at a challenge, we always take a look from different angles. As an organizer, such as a pub or an association canteen, it is quite difficult to ask someone’s ID. This feels rather like you are controlling, when all you have to verify is if someone can have the access he wants, and you want to do this hospitably and as smoothly as possible. So you obey the rules and can be hospitable at the same time.’

The other perspective, from guests or visitors, is also a relevant one. They also want to have smooth access and an hospitable experience. To easily order a drink or enter a pub.’ And this is where Siip wants to combine control and ease.

‘You can easily see, I’m old enough!’
The Toon Leeftijd-App, lauched in february 2023, offers a smooth and safe way to view the age of your guests. This is fast for your employees to see and easy for visitors to show. Through the app they merely show the foto of their ID and their age category. This means that it’s immediately clear that this is him or her & immediately clear whether this person is old enough to, for example, order an alcoholic drink.

It is faster, easier and privacy compliant, because the visitors only have to share those personal data that are really relevant, instead of all their personal data.

Many possibilities
‘This accessible age display is a part of all our apps. And this offers you great possibilities. For example, what if you could get a menu in your app appropriate for your age? For example the non-alcoholic cocktails or the alcoholic ones? Our energetic and innovative team sees great possibilities for you!

An easy & faster flow at the door or at the bar, modern & with minimization of data. This of course in a safe and privacy compliant ‘Siip way’.

This is why you should contact Remco
Remco Voorhorst is CEO of Siip Group. Together with 2 other founders, Remco has established Siip in 2021. With a proven track record in football, ticketing & hospitality organizations, he knows the challenges experienced in these branches.

Siip facilitates a verified self-sovereign digital identity that acts as a personal key to unlock unlimited potential in entertainment, sports, hospitality, social media, physical access, and e-commerce. Simple, fast and convenient identity and authentication solutions that foster customer and fan engagement.

February 2023