Remco Voorhorst: ‘We noticed that building a community for your (sport)event can be challenging. With Siip we offer possibilities that foster community building.

How can you enlarge your fan base wih Siip?

‘Quite easy, every organizer of events knows who bought the tickets, but they don’t know all visitors to the event. So it is difficult to communicate with all visitors. Siip offers truly personal, identity based access This personal access right can be personally transfered to others. This means, every visitor can be treated as a VIP, from the moment the organizer knows he of she will attend the event.’

What does this ‘VIP-treatment’ look like?

‘Well, the best ambassadors are those who are part of your community. Siip helps organizers by getting to know all their visitors. This means that to everyone, the VIP-treatment, can be a different one. It’s all customized. Even when you have thousands of visitors. It is possible with this software to offer everyone a experience they will never forget.’

How does this relate to having control over your personal data? That is wat Siip stands for, right?

‘By integrating the Siip solution in an app of, for example, the footballclub, the festival or every other event, all visitors can choose whether they want to use it to find the information they need.’ In the current situation, these visitors need to share al lot of personal data to get this information. And they lose control over it. In addition, this information will get to them by several communication channels. Via Siip only those data of you will be shared transparantly that is really relevant and necessary. In the app you will find all the information you need of your club, about the match, or about the event, festival or concert.’

‘With all this, you will increase your fan engagement, because your fans will be happy to return. So it’s also helpful when your organization focusses on retention marketing.’