I regularly have great conversations with enthusiastic organizers of festivals, for example, and with ticketers who help these organizers. In these conversations it often turns out that it is quite difficult to communicate with all visitors. For it often happens that 1 person buys tickets for several people. Because that’s easy and helpful for your friends.

Siip offers identity based access.

3 reasons why identity based access is helpful for visitors:

1) Make sure you have a valid ticket

When you buy a personal ticket, you don’t have to doubt or worry whether you bought a real ticket. You can also easily transfer the access right to someone else if you can’t go yourself. Or digitally distribute tickets that you buy for your family and friends. And all this easily via an app. For example, through the app of the festival itself.

2) Looking forward to the event even more

Now the organizer knows that you will be at the event, he can already involve you and inform you about the event. This means that you will receive personalized messages in the app and you will be looking forward to the event even more. This is like when you visit a theme park: the queue is often already part of the theme. Useful, for example, to get tips on how to get to the location easily when traffic conditions change or it’s crowded. And easier, because now all visitors will receive this message themselves, so you no longer have to share it with all your other family members and friends who are also going to the event. In the current situation, not everyone will get these messages. Because you don’t know who actually has the ticket.

3) Becoming part of the community

Okay, you arrived at the event quickly and with digital access. Even then, as a visitor & fan, you can be included even more in everything of the event that is fun and relevant to you. Practical, and it also makes you part of the community even more.


Via Siip the ‘you are you-access right’ applies
and you’ll get smooth access based on your identity via an app, for example from the festival. Safe and with control over your own data. Do you want to transfer the ticket to family and friends? That is also possible. So you’ll know you have bought a valid ticket. And the organizer knows that a real person has the ticket. This is what we call Closed Loop Ticketing. You can expand this with customized communication options in your own app.

With this closed loop ticketing solution Siip has been a finalist of the Ticketing Business Awards 2023 in the categorie ‘Product Innovation’!

Remco Voorhorst, CEO & Founder of Siip

March 2023