Are you going to download the Siip App? Then step by step, it will be explained to you what you can do with the app and how to register for personal digital access. Our tip: take a look at everything and try it out! Are you running into something? Then below are a number of questions that you can have with the answers. 
Still have a question? Please feel free to contact us via an email to
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General questions about the Siip App

What can you do with the Siip App? 
You quickly have digital personal access via your mobile, and you can easily share or send tickets to others. You can view your tickets via the Siip App and easily share or send them on. With your personal digital ticket you get access to the event by registering and creating a personal account. 

Where can I find the app?
Download  the Siip App from the Appstore and via Play Store 

Why should I use this app?
You quickly have digital personal access via your mobile, and you can easily share or send tickets to others.  

How secure is the app?
Your personal data is stored in a digital safe on your phone and is therefore not in a central database. This data is only accessible to you.  

What happens to my personal data?
Only when you accept a ticket, you give permission to share certain personal data from the app with the organizer of the event. These are your name, surname and email address. 

I get an error message in the app. What should I do?
In the app itself, the notification explains what you can do best or what causes the error message. Can’t figure it out? Please feel free to contact us via an email to 

The app doesn’t work. Can I report this somewhere?
Sure. Perhaps unnecessary, but try to really close the app and restart again. And… Is the app still not working? Sorry for the inconvenience. Nice if you report this via an email to ask@siip.appThen we’ll see what’s going on.  

I have downloaded the app and run into the following: 


I can’t scan my Dutch driver’s license. What’s next?
The app can scan Dutch driver’s licenses that contain a chip. You can see this by checking whether your driver’s license has a QR code on the back.  

  • Is that the case? Then you can use your driver’s license for this app. In the app itself, if you choose ‘driver’s license’, you will find a few tips on how best to do this.  
  • Does your driver’s license not have a QR code? Then register with a different identity document.   

Why do I need to scan my ID?
To create a personal account, it is necessary to register once. For example, your right of access is really personal. This is quick & easy. And is therefore only needed 1 time. You can use your valid Dutch driver’s license, ID card or passport for this.  

What is the best way to scan my ID? 
The app explains step by step how to scan your document. In addition to this:  

  • take your phone out of the case;  
  • How (from where) your phone scans can vary from device to device. So it also differs where you have to place your ID. As soon as the blue dots become visible iOS) or the blue process bar appears (Android) you know that you have found the right place;  
  • keep your passport, ID card or driver’s license as flat and still as possible when you scan the QR code, the code at the bottom of your document or the chip and keep doing this until the scanning is done. 

How often do I have to register for the Siip App?
The registration in our app is required 1 time and your personal data is stored securely encrypted in the digital safe on your smartphone.  

Which email address can I use when registering?
This differs for the buyers of tickets or for the visitors (those who get there ticket forwarded through the app from someone else)  

The following applies to ticket buyers
When registering, use the email address that you also used to purchase your tickets for the event. That’s the email address where you received the invitation email. Did you register with a different email address? Then you won’t see your tickets in the app. Then delete your account and sign in again with the known email address.  

The following applies to the visitors who get a ticket forwarded by someone else
Please sign up with your own email address (this must be a different email address than the address of the buyer).  

I didn’t register. What’s next?
To view your digital tickets, forward them and to gain digital access to the event, it is necessary to register once. What happens if you don’t register? Unfortunately, the app can not be used for personal digital access.  

I want to delete my account. How does that work?
This can easily be done via the ‘delete account button’ in the app itself.  

View, assign & pass on tickets 

I am registered and have a ticket. Where can I find the ticket now?
For this, it is necessary that you first  ‘assign’ your digital ticket to yourself. You can find your tickets on the home screen at tickets for the event. Once you’ve assigned the ticket to yourself, you’ll see the ticket in your app with your name.   

I see several tickets in the app. How is this possible? 
You will find the tickets you bought for family and friend in your app first. You can easily assign these tickets to them.  

I want to give tickets to someone else. How do I do that?
You can easily pass on tickets to someone else via the ‘assign ticket’ button and then via ‘share via link’ you can share the link via WhatsApp, SMS or email, for example. To be able to pick up their ticket, your fellow visitors also need the app. After they have registered and accepted the ticket, it is listed in their app under ’tickets’. 

I accidentally assigned a ticket to the wrong person. What can I do?
Go to the ticket that you accidentally shared and choose ‘cancel’.  

I accidentally ‘declined’ a ticket. How do I get it in my app?
Did you get someone else’s ticket? First try to click on the shared link again. If it doesn’t work, then please let that person know it doesn’t. He or she can cancel the shared ticket first and then share it with you again.  

I can’t go to the event anymore. Can I forward my ticket to someone else?
Did you buy the ticket? Then you can easily pass on tickets to someone else via the ‘assign ticket’ button.  

Did you get your ticket from someone else? Please ask that person to retract this ticket. He or she can share it again with another person.  

Enter the event with your digital ticket 

Scanning my QR code or barcode is not working. What’s next?
You can access with the QR code or barcode on your ticket at the entrance.  A few tips: tap the code for a larger version and keep your phone as still as possible under the scanner. You can optionally adjust the brightness of your screen.